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How to buy?

Online shopping in few steps: prepare short shopping tutorial for SmackDeal

Quick list of basics steps – how to find and order specified product in store. It will be helpful for both sides – client receives mini-guide, and you are able to check all stages of order placement in your shop.

Availability status

Explain, what the “availability status” is. What is the meaning of “available on request”, or what’s the duration of order realization in SmackDeal? It may be a good idea to describe special ordering terms (if there are any) or complaint policy.

Forms of payment

This side may also be useful to list all the forms of payment in your store. Of course, you may place this information in different section. Use this site for the most common issues and questions: do we accept credit cards (no extra charge), do we accept installment purchases or PayPal.

Vouchers, discounts, On sale

If we use discount coupons or individual discounts, it’s worth showing how to shop using a code and how the discount system works in a cart for regular customers.

Your account – checking the order status

Inform your customers how they can check the order status, where they can change their personal data, how they can recover a forgotten password and how to create a secure password. Post a link to a customer account.