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dengue symptoms

Dengue Symptoms – 7 Most Common Dengue Fever Symptoms

The word ‘Dengue’ becoming deadly for the last 5-6 years in all over the world. Dengue fever is another mosquito-borne deadly disease mostly finds in tropical areas. A huge number of people from India, Southeast Asia, China, the Caribbean island, and African tested dengue symptoms every year. The number of death by dengue fever is increasing day by day. Our scientists or doctors are continually trying to discover some anti-toed or vaccine for this deadly fiver. 

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Dengue fever causes

We already know that Dengue fever causes by the mosquito name Aedes. This mosquito normally sleeps in the day time and starts their hunting at the low light of early morning and evening.

But till the year 2020, none of the anti-toed or vaccine find for dengue fever. A vast number of people are dying due to dengue fever each year.

The solution is nothing but destroys as much as mosquito’s egg and larvae. The government has already taken some action by destroying dengue mosquito and larvae, killing gas in each country’s most common dengue disease zone. Researchers are still unable to find it’s anti-toed or vaccine. Yet, they have well described and warn us about the most common dengue symptoms.

Hello, friends. My name is Shamik, and I am from India. I am introducing myself because I am the person who suffered this dengue disease twice in the last three years (2015-2016). So I have all the feelings and experiences of dengue fever and will share all my experience with you in another article here.

Here is the 7 Most Common Dengue Symptoms

1. High fever and its behavior

If you have dengue fever by mosquito-borne disease, then you will suffer in a very high fever. The fever temperature will very high within an hour or less. Sometimes the temperature will decrease automatically. Then it increases once again and it is one of the main dengue symptoms. In that case, you need high power Paracetamol medicine based on your age and body weight.

2. Muscle pain, Bone pain, and Joint pain

Another very common dengue symptoms are muscle, bone, and joint pain is another dengue fever symptom. If you are infected by dengue fever, you will notice all-time muscle, bone, and joint pain. You can take paracetamol or some pain killer medicine to get relief for some in such a case time.

3. Headaches: Signs of Dengue

Headaches are one of the most critical signs of dengue fever. This headache remains all the time, and it’s unable to handle easily. There is some head balm that you can relieve for some time. All that time, you can feel that something is happening inside your head and brain. It is so annoying, though.

4. Eye Pain: Dengue fever symptoms

Eye pain is another vital dengue symptoms. Dengue infected persons may notice this pain behind their eyes. Incredibly when they are moving their eyes side by side or up and down.

5. Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are also common dengue fever symptoms. If you have dengue fever, you can feel nausea all the time. Vomiting can sometimes happen when you are trying to eat some food, drinking water or some juice. This is also a very annoying sign of dengue fever.

6. Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are prevalent dengue symptoms but recently it is not so common. If you have dengue fever, you can notice that some small reddish rashes all over your body. But as the dengue fever changing his behavior, rashes are not noticeable all that case.

7. Sickness

Sickness is another signs of dengue. If you are infected by dengue fever, then you will feel very sick. At the time of dengue fever, people often unable to eat necessary foods. Our body suffers a very lack of fluid in dengue fever. As a result, people get sick and tired very soon.

Author’s Note

These above symptoms are prevalent in dengue fever. I had felt these same types of dengue symptoms when I suffered twice by the disease. Both of the time, I survived at home base treatment. As Dengue has no such treatment, medicines, or dengue vaccine, you only need to follow a few steps. I will share all those tips about how to prevent Dengue in my next article.

I hope this article will help all of you. Please share this article with your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to increase more awareness about Dengue symptoms.

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