Playgard Flavoured Dotted Condoms Buy 3 Get 1 Free Packs



When you are keen to bring back the ‘zing’ factor into your sex life, then trying Playgard Flavoured Condoms can be an ideal choice. You must have heard ‘twin delights’ – sure. This condom variant is sure to give you two great pleasures. Being flavoured she is sure to hold your manhood for a longer duration and you can experience a sensational arousal.

She is sure to enjoy every bit of that time. As you are aware, super dots in the condoms are meant for enjoying a highly pleasurable encounter. When you are inside her juicy tube, the strategically placed dots will rub against highly sensitive portions on her inner walls giving her exquisite pleasure, which she cannot experience otherwise practically. Nothing can trickle sensual portions deep inside her the way super dots in the condoms can stroke. With this condom on, every session is a sensational celebration.

Try the zesty Playgard Flavoured Dotted Condoms and get turned on with 50% Bigger dots. With the orange flavor, bring more tang into your bed!


Playgard Flavoured Dotted Condoms Buy 3 Get 1 Free Packs Information:


Brand NamePlaygard
FlavourBanana , Orange , Strawberry , Chocolate
TextureSuper Dotted
Size180mm x 52 each
Quantity12 pcs Condoms