Moods Ultra Thin Condoms 10 Pieces

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Moods Ultra Thin condoms or super thin condoms are among the best super thin condoms available. These ultra-thin condoms are so light that you don’t feel the presence of wearing a condom at all. These super thin condoms are specially designed for moods to ensure a pleasant experience during sex. As the name, Moods Ultra Thin condoms guarantee maximum satisfaction for both partners. 

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Moods Ultra Thin Condoms Review

Moods Ultra Thin condoms in India are specifically designed to feel more natural and transparent. Buying Moods ultrathin condoms online will help enhance sensitivity. The naturally smooth skin feel (which is like wearing nothing at all) of the condom complements you with real intimate pleasure, heightened by the excellent straight-walled fit for it, providing greater sensitivity where it is needed most. 

Moods condoms also relieve friction and prevent stickiness for maximum comfort and enjoyment. And not only that, what’s more, these condoms are also made with interesting fragrances that are tempting.

Moods ultrathin condoms were explicitly designed to feel people’s ultimate pleasure and feel during intercourse. The Moods condoms are hardly detectable when in intercourse. It also helps both the partners to experience more intimacy while not worrying about pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

Although these moods dotted condoms are extra-thin, and each condom offers precisely the same protection level as a regular condom. Moods Ultra Thin condoms are not transparent but pink in color. This pink color was chosen explicitly because users will be able to separate them from other condom brands.

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How to Use Condoms

how to use condoms

  1. Hold the tip of the condoms with your finger
  2. Place the condoms on the penis head
  3.  Now squeeze and rollback slowly to the downside
  4. Be careful if there any air between the moods condoms and your penis
  5. After use does not throw the condoms into the toilet or drain. You can read this article about how to dispose of condoms after used.