Skin Fair Glow Cream 20gm


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Skin Fair Glow Cream is a prescription medicine used in the treatment of Melasma. It aids in the rapid regeneration of the skin. In addition, it eases swelling, redness, and itching.

However, you should use it in the dosage and duration prescribed by your physician. Wash your hands before applying this medication. It is recommended to read the label for instructions before using it. It is intended for use on the outside only.

Don’t take this medicine over the recommended dosage. Inform your doctor if you are aware of any allergies to this medication. Common side effects of this medication include discomfort, burning, itching, and redness on the application site.

If the side effects mentioned above or other signs you suspect are caused by the medicine last longer than a specific time, you should consult your physician. Also, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or suffering from any other illness. This medicine is not suitable for use by breastfeeding mothers.


Melasma is a prevalent skin condition that can cause dark, discolored spots on your skin. It is more common in females as opposed to males. Fair Cream for Skin Fair Cream helps lighten the dark patches on the skin, typically caused by pregnancy or birth control pills, hormone medication, or damage to the face. 

It can effectively block the process in the skin and result in discoloration. Skin Fair Cream also reduces any rash, redness, itching, or pain that this condition could cause.

It increases your confidence and self-esteem as your appearance improves. It is essential to follow the instructions and only use the amount you’ve been instructed to. Use it for the time recommended reaping the maximum advantages.


This medication is intended meant for use on the outside only. Take it at the dosage and duration recommended by your physician. Please read the label for instructions before using it. Dry and clean the area affected before applying the treatment. Clean your hands after applying the cream to the area affected.

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