Dr. Chopra’s VIRGIN Tight Gel

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According to this product, the Virgin Tight Gel helps to get a tighter, younger, and sexier women’s vagina while increasing pleasure for both you and your partner. It is the potassium alum compound, also known as “Terminalia Arjuna,” “Mesua Ferrara,” ‘or “Alum.” It is a glycerin-based natural vaginal gel that probably tightens the vaginal walls. It uses to get a perfect vagina that also helps prevent vaginal infections.

The idea of ​​female genital mutilation comes from the belief that some genitals are “too tight” or “too loose.” According to Psychology Today, the reality of this myth is that well-closed genital muscles are very stretchy and remain tightly wrapped like a closed accordion at all times, except for sexual arousal and childbirth. The muscles relax during sex and return to 90% of normal after that. Dr. Chopra’s Virgin Tight’s femininity gel has 99% success in user reviews.

Despite this popular myth’s debunking, the Virgin Tight gel has mostly positive reviews on the users at, with an average 4.5-star rating in 26 customer reviews. You only need a little bit, though. I put too much the second time, and the whole experience was just painful, lol. It works super fast to like, no lie, once you put it on, wait like 5 seconds, and it’s already working.

Virgin Tight Gel Benefits for Women Vagina

  • Rejuvenates and tightens the vagina
  • Improves vaginal grip (what exactly do you need to grip?)
  • Helps prevent infections (I find this hard to believe as vaginas have a pretty impressive “self-cleaning” system that keeps them infection-free, and adding in a foreign substance might increase the risk of irritation/infection)
  • Improves the tone of muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Hydrates the vagina
  • Delays effects of aging
  • Provides complete rejuvenation
  • It helps achieve orgasms more often.
  • Reduces involuntary urine escape
  • Maintains a healthy pH of 4.5
  • Enhances sexual pleasure
  • Masks foul odor
  • Encourages natural lubrication
  • Improves strength of muscles

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