Zandu Vigorex Capsule

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Zandu Vigorex Capsule for Sexual Stamina and Energy Booster of Men – Full product review, Uses and Dosage guide, Possible Side-Effect, Benefit of use

Zandu Vigorex Capsule is associate degree ayurvedic proprietary medication used as energiser and remedial tonic. it’s marketed as energy booster and stamina attention supplement. All ingredients in it have potential aphrodisiac, adaptogenic and inhibitor action. It naturally boosts concupiscence and enhances performance. in keeping with its ingredients analysis, it can even be used as general health tonic for keeping body energetic and work and preventing day to day stress.

Composition in Zandu Vigorex Capsule:

Each Capsule contains: Dry extracts of Asparagus adscendens Rt., shrub prurita American state., Withania somnifera Rt., Asparagus racemosus Rt., genus Tribulus terrestris Frt., Shudh Shilajit. Powders of nutmeg American state., Yasad Bhasma, herbaceous plant Rt., Eugenia aromaticum Everglade State. Bd., Excipients – letter.S. Approved colors employed in capsule shell.
concupiscence Booster
gametogenesis promoter
medicinal drug
Generally, Vigorex revitalizes the body, improves performance and will increase stamina. Kaunch, Safed Musli, Gokshura, Ashwagandha and Shilajit revitalize the body and improve physical endurance. These ingredients additionally improve stamina and provides feeling of general successfulness. These ingredients induce gametogenesis and improve count. Yashad Bhasma acts as immunomodulatory and forestall infectious diseases and facilitate within the treatment of impotence. Ashwagandha provides stability within the treatment and provides long lasting effects. Jaiphal and Akarkara acts as concupiscence stimulant.

Therapeutic Indications

Zandu Vigorex as a tonic will facilitate with following symptoms:

Mental Fatigue
Exhaustion (extreme fatigue)
Feeling low energy
Loss of interest in daily activities
Generalized physical weakness
Feeling of loss of physical strength
shrivelled memory

Zandu Vigorex advantages & Uses

Zandu Vigorex helps in rising mood, reduces fatigue and enhances energy. Therapeutically, it’s helpful for treating impotence and physical weakness. Its ingredients additionally work on mind. It reduces stress and mental fatigue. It helps within the treatment of hysteria and depression.

Low libido

Akarkara, Jaiphal, and Kaunch Beej in Vigorex have potent concupiscence stimulant action, that facilitate boosting concupiscence. Low androgen levels sometimes cause the low sexual {desire|concupiscence|physical attraction} or decrease in desire. Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, and Gokshura facilitate restoring the natural level of androgen within the body, that is additionally probably to enhance the concupiscence.

Physical Performance

All herbs in Vigorex have strengthening action and Bhasma and minerals in it facilitate helpful the development. It improves male performance and helps gaining satisfaction and pleasure.

Erectile dysfunction

Zandu Vigorex has aphrodisiac and strengthening properties. Herbs and minerals in it give strength to erectile organ tissue and facilitate sustaining longer erections.
Dosage & Administration
The general indefinite quantity of Zandu Vigorex is as follows.
Adults (19 to sixty yrs) 1 Capsule *
Geriatric (above sixty yrs) 1 Capsule *
* double on a daily basis ideally with lukewarm milk
When to Take: within the morning and at nighttime

Safety Profile

Zandu Vigorex is probably going safe once used inside counseled indefinite quantity. The high indefinite quantity ought to be taken strictly beneath medical management.

Zandu Vigorex facet Effects

There are not any facet effects rumored with Zandu Vigorex Capsule.

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